Set of 2 Neckties by Mens Collections- Multiple Ties Variations to Chose From! Review

This package contains 2 Polyester Neckties, each measuring 2.75″ wide and 59″ long.
Nothing says more about a man’s look than his attention to detail. The tie you choose can either make or break an entire ensemble. We sell these ties in packages of 2 to enable you to build a collection you can be proud of, and always have the perfect tie on hand. With so many options to choose from, you will be covered for all occasions.
Work– We wanted to provide options to today’s working men, who must engage in tie warfare in order to strike a presence at the office. With our select styles, there is no need to worry about the joke of the day being your choice of attire.
Casual Walk with confidence. Get that look that says ” I wasn’t even trying…. I just look this good all the time”.
Formal– There are some ties that never go out of vogue. We carry the perfect picks for weddings, dinners, parties, and any other special events.

Why buy from VELETTE?
Our goal is to distribute the most amount of ties to the most amount of people. In order to achieve this, we knew we had to construct a quality tie that people will appreciate for its composition and style. We have a constant eye on whats trending on today’s market, and manufacture accordingly. We also had to come with new innovative ways to keep our costs down, and pass those saving on to you, the consumer.
Quality? check.
Affordability? check
Style? check.

CONTACT US We stand behind our products and we want you to be pleased with your purchase. Please contact us through Amazon with any questions or concerns. We’d love to hear from you!SET OF 2 NECKTIES- Each package contains 2 polyester neckties.
VERSATILE- Choose the style that fits you best. Whether you go for for SOPHISTICATED, BOLD, MODERN, CLASSY, or CASUAL, there is something here for you.
SUPERIOR CRAFTSMANSHIP- Our ties are sewn to last. We take pride in using only quality materials.
SIZING- Each tie measures 2.75″ wide and 59″ long. Not too wide, and not too skinny.
MADE BY THE MEN’S COLLECTIONS- The Men’s Collections is a subdivision of Velette Finer Men’s Accessories. Velette is committed to providing you with the best possible purchasing experience. Let us know how we can help.

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