Secdtie Men’s Classic Red Paisley Jacquard Woven Silk Tie Party Formal Necktie Review

About Secdtie Tie

If you’re looking for business silk ties, look no further. The Secdtie brand is made exclusively for them and the ties are truly superb. Rich in textures and colors, these ties are truly a businessman’s staple

Matching the Red Paisley Tie

* A stunning necktie that is perfect for the fashion conscious businessman! A pattern of flowers,paisley and small red plaid is woven onto a solid black background.It ia tie that is a perfect match to a black, white, or gray dress shirt

* A fantastic designer piece that will most certainly turn some heads! While the bold paisley print in cherry red certainly stands out by itself,what makes this tie truly stand out is the 3-dimensional appearance of the cherry red paisley design on top of the midnight blue background. This is a tie you have to see in person in order to fully appreciate the design, colors, and craftsmanship

*To match this neck tie we suggest a solid black dress shirt and light gray suit. If you are looking for a slightly less trendy and somewhat more conservative look, then pair this tie with a white dress shirt and charcoal gray suit. Made from care-free microfiber

Care Your Tie

1.For hard to remove stains, hold the spot over the steam from a boiling kettle and apply cleaning fluid
2.Ties can be dry cleaned, but make sure your cleaner is experienced with ties
3.Ties made of synthetic material might be washable
4.When ironing ties, make certain the roll along the tie edge is not pressed flat
5.Always hang your ties on a rack, except knitted or crochet ties, which should be rolled and stored in a drawer
6.Give your ties at least two or three days rest before wearing them again to allow wrinkles to hang out
7.Always unknot your ties when taking it off. Never slip it over your head
8.Do not unravel the knot by pulling on the small end. Always reverse the knot itselfMaterial 100% care-free microfiber ,Dimensions (57.09 x 3.15)”/(145 x 8)cm (L x W).Weight 40-60 g.
We don’t need to tell you that this is the perfect attention-grabbing necktie for any formal and business setting.
Treat yourself to unparalleled extravagance with this sexy and savvy floral patterned tie in saturated shades of deep reds and blacks.
The regal color palette and the ornate details make this menswear accessory a necessary luxury.
This tie will guaranteed get you many compliments, Create a knockout appearance with your individual style of dress by pairing this decorative necktie with a solid black dress shirt, a tailored black blazer and dark washed denim jeans.

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