People Socks Unisex 71% Merino Wool Antimicrobial Crew Socks, 4 Pairs

Our merino wool socks is the perfect blend of high quality merino wool with polyester to add durability to a comfy sock. Higher wool content can often lead to less durability as polyester and nylon is needed to bind the sock together. People Socks is a direct to consumer channel that gives us the benefits of passing along the craziest savings to People. Similar socks can be $18 a pair. We sell each for $7-9 a pair and knit it all in the USA with no compromise on quality, durability or comfort. Everyone is happy! The most comfortable Wool Socks ever. Made from the finest quality Australian Merino Wool and knitted in the USA. Each pair is cushioned throughout and reinforced from heel to toe for maximum comfort and durability. Merino Wool is a natural moisture management fiber that wicks moisture and maintains cushion. Super soft merino wool provides natural comfort for all seasons Smooth toe seam for super added comfort 1 order= 4 pairs of socks .Bad socks = extra pressure on your stinky feet. Doubling up on cotton socks is not the answer or suffering from cold feet. People Socks is committed to knitting 100% in the USA with Australian Merino wool. With lower overhead and smart distribution and logistics we can offer high quality Merino Wool trekking , hiking socks for a lot less. Our yarn is of the highest quality. People socks are the answer. These socks will stay up , even when your pants are down. Our socks are not tested on animals, just New Yorkers. People socks and sock bands are made in the South. We offer a quality, affordable product. Just in case you are surprised by the value we provide, don’t be. With no national retail distribution or fancy showrooms, we can just sell straight to you, with all the savings. Our marketing budget is you for now. If we keep providing you with a quality product, you will spread the word. The Peoples Promise. Stay Comfy! and buy USA with confidence.Premium 71% Australian Merino Wool , 21% Nylon, 7% Poly,1% Spandex, knitted in the USA
Merino Wool . Wash with care. Cold/warm wash inside out. Air-dry (pilling is normal)
Fits Men Large Shoe size 9.5-12, small medium 7-9.5
Reinforced toe and heal
Medium Thickness
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