Origin Ties Fashion Gingham Plaid Men’s Silk Skinny Tie Review

The internet principle is simple: if you have direct approach to superior silk, craft for luxury quality and excellent design, why you still pay for the extremely expensive ties in store?

“Source the luxury” is Darren’s initial intention. As the founder of Origin Ties, he spent time finding the best tie factories in the world. The owners replied bluntly that they would support him with the best ties in spite of a limited investment.

In the beginning, we invited Italian designers to design our first batch ties. Tie is an art combined with pattern and fashion. Origin Ties will be open to the global independent designers soon.

$19.99 is a temporary price which excludes the advertising expenses. We hope more people take the first step to experience our products. Origin Ties will always be the most cost-effective choice though the preferential price won’t last for a long time.

How much a luxury quality tie costs?

Design Fee — $2, an excellent design
Materials — $3.6, 100% natural materials
Labor — $3, fabricated like luxuries
Packaging — $0.5, less fold, more decent
Transport — $0.6
Commission Fee — $2.25
Fixed Cost — $11.95

Origin Ties Price — $19.99
Traditional Retails — $80

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