No Show Socks For Men 3pk Quality Cotton Lge Heel Grip Non Slip

No More Smelly Shoes

Say Goodbye to Smelly Shoes

I know it is not a very pleasant thought but it is not surprising. As the average foot has 250,000 sweat glands it is safe to say all feet sweat. If you are not wearing socks there is nothing to soak up this excess moisture. This can:

– Cause your feet to swell and rub against your shoe creating blisters and calluses.
– Make your shoes change shape and look old and worn quicker.
– Make your feet smell more.
– Making you shoes smell as much if not more than your feet.
– Create an environment perfect for fungal infections such as yellow nails and Athlete’s Foot to develop.

The solution is easy – wear socks.

Our Socks Are:

– Specially designed to be comfortable. We have balanced the mix of cotton and synthetic fibers to make the sock cool and thin yet stay on your foot. Due to popular demand our socks now come in 2 sizes.
1. Traditional The fit that you know from Stomper Joe, loose and cool yet stays on your foot. Lower cut to be invisible in boat and loafer shoes like Sperrys. The sizing for these socks is generous
2. Extra Coverage A tighter fit for narrower feet, more coverage on the sides and top of the foot than the traditional socks so great for Vans and sport shoes.
– Sold Exclusively by Totem Accessories and shipped by Amazon. IF SELLER IS SHIPPING FROM CHINA THEY ARE FAKE
Important – Follow the sizing guide in the bullet points above not the Amazon size chart. Don’t worry if you have ordered the original socks from seller Totem Accessories and the size is wrong we will send you a different size at no other cost to you. If in doubt contact us, we are happy to help.

85% cotton so keep your feet cool and comfortable. Long lasting and machine washable. Air dry only.
Sizing US mens shoe size: XS-7-9 Small-9.5-11 Medium- 11.5-13. Please note . Do not follow the Amazon sizing guide – Still not sure on Size? Contact us and we can help you.
These socks are sold on Amazon exclusively by Totem Accessories and shipped by Amazon. Cheaper alternatives occasionally appearing on this listing offered including RONALD TFOLAND ARE SELLING FAKES
Available in White, Grey, Khaki, Khaki Green and Black. Khaki is a great alternative to tan to blend with most skin tones. The exact shade of khaki may vary.
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