MOHEM ShinyNight High Top LED Shoes Light Up USB Charging Flashing Sneakers Great Gift For NEW YEAR Review

Size chart:
30/11.5 M Little Kid=Shoes length:182mm Fit foot length 175-182mm(6.9-7.2in)
31/12.5 M Little Kid=Shoes length:189mm Fit foot length 182-189mm(7.2-7.5in)
32/13 M Little Kid=Shoes length:196mm Fit foot length 189-196mm(7.4-7.7in)
33/1 M Little Kid=Shoes length:203mm Fit foot length 196-203mm(7.7-8.0in)
34/2 M Little Kid=Shoes length:210mm Fit foot length 203-210mm(8.0-8.3in)
35/4.5 B(M) US Women/3 D(M) US Men=Shoes length:225mm Fit foot length 221-225mm(8.7-8.8in)
36/5.5 B(M) US Women/4 D(M) US Men=Shoes length:230mm Fit foot length 226-230mm(8.9-9.0 in)
37/6.5 B(M) US Women/5 D(M) US Men=Shoes length:235mm Fit foot length 231-235mm(9.1-9.2 in)
38/7.5 B(M) US Women/6 D(M) US Men=Shoes length:240mm Fit foot length 236- 240mm(9.3-9.4 in)
39/8 B(M) US Women/6.5 D(M) US Men=Shoes length:245mm Fit foot length 241-245mm(9.5-9.6 in)
40/9 B(M) US Women/7.5 D(M) US Men=Shoes length:250mm Fit foot length 246-250mm(9.7-9.8 in)
41/9.5 B(M) US Women/8 D(M) US Men=Shoes length:255mm Fit foot length 251-255mm(9.9- 10.0 in)
42/10.5 B(M) US Women/8.5 D(M) US Men=Shoes length:260mm Fit foot length 256-260mm(10.1-10.2 in)
43/12 B(M) US Women/9 D(M) US Men=Shoes length:265mm Fit foot length 261-265mm(10.3-10.4 in)
44/13 B(M) US Women/9.5 D(M) US Men=Shoes length:270mm Fit foot length 266-270mm(10.5-10.6 in)
45/14 B(M) US Women/10.5 D(M) US Men=Shoes length:275mm Fit foot length 271-275mm(10.7-10.8 in)
46/15 B(M) US Women/11 D(M) US Men=Shoes length 280mm Fit foot length 276-280mm(10.9-11.0 in)

Mohem ShinyNight LED Shoes suitable for casual walking and daily wear.Do not use as Athletic shoes,otherwise the light system may be damaged.
Contain:1*pair of LED shoes,1*usb-cable,1*remote-control ,1*ShoehornContain:1*pair of LED shoes,1*usb-cable,1*remote-control ,1*Shoehorn
USPTO Trademark Number is:(Serial # 86627529) Please recognize the registered-trademark”MOHEM”,say no to pirated products
You’re Worth the Remote Control,7 kinds of static color,4 kinds of dynamic color changes,altogether 11 kinds of lighting patterns.The remote control has 16 colors and more fun.
Charge Instruction: Easy charge like your cell phone with the attached USB charging cable. Switch on the shoes when received and light up until all power gone. Then charge both shoes for 3 hours.
The collar and tongue are padded for comfort Safe to play, It can be charged by phone chargers which you use for charging your phones.These Light-up LED shoes are perfect for the club, a rave party, or just a night out on the town. It is your best choice for footwear for any occasion you want to be noticed at

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