Modern Fit Black Tuxedo Suit Review

Who Is This Tuxedo For?

Intelligent Men. Men who understand the value of saving money and the pride and confidence of ownership. Men who don’t want to drop a bunch of cash to rent the same tuxedo a teenager wore to prom the week before. And men who want to look every bit as smart as they are.

Casual Men. Formal fashion isn’t all about buying the fanciest tuxedo available. There’s no rule dictating that a man has to adhere to current trends. This tuxedo, with a modern fit that’s neither slim nor boxy, is for the man who wants to dress comfortably, look great, and enjoy the knowledge that he has a quality tuxedo on-hand that’ll outlive and outlast trendy, flash in the pan styles.

Time-Crunched Men. Invited to an event at the very last minute? Opened your closet to discover that your only tuxedo has seen better days? Remembered that you have a wedding to attend this weekend but you have nothing to wear? With Amazon Prime or with two-day shipping, this tuxedo will arrive right on time.

A CONTEMPORARY TAKE ON THE CLASSICS. Embracing the traditional men’s formal aesthetic, this two-piece formal tuxedo boasts a single breasted jacket with a two button closure, a satin notch lapel, and a double vented back plus a pair of trousers with a single pleat and a satin stripe down the side of the leg. Each garment is tailored with a very stylish modern fit, which is roomier than a slim fit and less boxy than a classic fit, and which will make any man look refined and suave.
EXCEPTIONAL FABRIC. Crafted from an ultra-soft 80/20 poly-rayon blend, this tuxedo has the look and feel of wool but weighs less and drapes quite nicely. Overall, it’s a great looking, soft, and lightweight tux, suitable for wearing to any wedding, prom or black tie event.
SUPERB VALUE. Priced at less than $100, this tuxedo rivals rental pricing with the added benefit of being yours to keep-so you’re free to tailor it to a perfect fit and you’ll never have to worry about who else has worn it or where it’s been worn.
FLATTERING FIT. An ideal choice for anyone who’s not into the slim fit look but who also wants to wear something more modern than a classic fit tuxedo, this tuxedo is comfortably cut for the average man. Sizing has a standard drop, which means that the jacket size is 6″ larger than the waist; for example, a 44R jacket will come with a size 38 pair of pants. The pants are not hemmed, so they can be tailored to your proper length. They can also be tailored in at the waist 1-2 inches if need be.

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