JINIU Men’s Leather Belt Automatic Buckle 35mm Ratchet Dress Black Belts Boxed

Our JINIU belts all adopts genuine leather for the strap. Alloy buckle matches with leather belt, making it is gift packing a good choice when you need a business belt or casual dress belt. It is also a perfect gift for your friends and relatives.;

Material: cow split leather strap + Alloy buckle Belt buckle: Automatic buckle (Ratchet belt) Strap Length(Full length of belt strap): All belts we shipped from FBA 124cm Exquisite stitching Note: Usually the default strap length we sent is 50″ (125cm), if you need a belt shorter than 125cm please cut it according to your size.

Belt size chart for reference:

31″-33″ pants —- 110cm belt

33″-35″ pants —- 115cm belt

35″-37″ pants —- 120cm belt

37″-39″ pants —- 124cm belt

Package including: mens leather belt x 1Material and Size: 35mm wide leather strap. Belt length (full length of belt strap):49″ (124cm). if you need a belt shorter than 124cm please cut it according to your size(Be careful to leave extra length of belt when cutting it)
Appearance: Durable rubber ratchet. Auto Lock Buckle (Sliding Buckle), No holes in belt. Alloy buckle, double edge stitching. The strap leather is high quality and sturdy. It also had that fresh leather smell and is very supple. The buckle is well made and sturdy. All of the clasps and moving parts fit together well and move as they are supposed to. The leather and silver make a great combination and together form a very nice belt that will work well with many wardrobes.
How to set up the belt: Measure your waist with the given tape measure. Add about 5 to 10 inches extra to the waist line measurement for the extra length at the end. Once the measurement is made, cut it straight. It’s best to use sharp scissors when cutting the leather. With the end that was cut, insert it to the buckle in the right orientation and press the tab to lock the teeth with the belt. Once that’s done, the belt is ready to use.
How to use: Insert the end of the belt inside the buckle and it should lock automatically. Pull the end of the belt to the desired tightness. When you want to loosen the belt, lift the tab on the buckle and the belt will loosen and you can also remove it.
Packaging:  The belt came packaged in a nice, sturdy cardboard box(which is great for storing the belt when not in use) includes Pouch with has the leather belt inside it, a measuring tap, and the beautiful buckle. The measuring tape provided to measure your waist and to cut the belt shorter for your waist to fit perfectly.
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