I am the Sheep Dog 3 Percenter Shirt 2nd Amendment Wolfs and Sheep … Review

Black Cotton/Poly 80/20 blend, (men clothing). Standard fit, sizes ranging from Small to XXXXLarge. The 3 Percenters were the groups of men in the american revolution that helped fight of tyrannical Brittain. The modern 3 percenters group uses that same passion today in our war against gun control and tyranny on the home front. Be like other pro second amendment fighters and make your stand today, and don’t let America lose sight of it’s natural born US Constitution rights and freedoms. #Merica.There are Wolves and there are sheep. I am the Sheep Dog. – 3 Percenter Shirt – Become as defiant to gun control as King Leonidas
Black cotton/poly blend – Ulimate warmth and comfort to help you stay focused in your battle against gun control and morons like Hillary and Obama. Freedom or Death.
Proudly made in the USA – Our country is the greatest in the world, so why make them anywhere else?
Pre-Shrunk – You don’t have to worry about your hoodie getting smaller in the wash, stays as crisp looking as the day you bought it.
We are as proud about our customer service as you are about your rights and freedoms, that’s why we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you aren’t pleased in any way with our products.

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