Our model information: Height-184cm Chest-98cm Waist-75cm Hips-95cm,suits for M. Please read the size chart carefully before ordering.

Turns out, suits, much like pumpkins can be just as expressive as any other type of clothing. Yes, you can carve out your personality in a world of blank slates.
So, say you’re headed to that big meeting that they scheduled on October 31st or you’re on your way to a post work party,
this pumpkin suit will lend you a look that says you’ve got a strong head on your shoulders unlike some people we know (looking at you headless horseman) while maintaining your love of the holiday.
It’s time to show those buttoned up suits the light, the light of the Jack-o-lantern, that is!
So, carve out some room in your wardrobe because while there is a time and a place for the Purple and white standard and Halloween isn’t it!

EraSpooky Storefront devotes ourselves to make better and better products and service for every customer and brighten your life.

All we want is to serve our customers well and make you feel surprised when you get the item.

Size Clarification:

Tag Size:M Chest:40.16in/102cm Length:32.68in/83cm Waist:33.86in/86cm Hip:38.98in/99cm Sleeve:26.77in/68cm Thigh:21.26in/54cm PantsLength:44.49in/113cm

Tag Size:L Chest:44.09in/112cm Length:33.07in/84cm Waist:37.80in/96cm Hip:42.52in/108cm Sleeve:27.17in/69cm Thigh:23.23in/59cm PantsLength:45.28in/115cm

Tag Size:XL Chest:48.03in/122cm Length:33.46in/85cm Waist:41.73in/106cm Hip:44.88in/114cm Sleeve:27.36in/69.5cm Thigh:25.20in/64cm PantsLength:46.46in/118cm

Tips:If you have any problem,please contact us.We are glad to communicate with you.Men Pumpkin Suit comes with jacket,pants and tie.Dress up from head to toe!
Realistic Pumpkin Printing – Hundreds of jack o lanterns with a purple background create a sense of horror.
Our fabulous suit is ideal for Halloween,party,weeding and other events.
Feel bored of your regular business suit?Our suit will make you stunning in your special day and let you be in the spotlight!
This suit in funny design,which fits perfectly,will let you be more energetic and fabulous in every special occasion.

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