Buttons & Pleats Standard Type Shirt Stays Soft with Non-slip Locking Clamps Review

A shirt stay is supposed to be keeping you from having to adjust your shirt or worry about it becoming untucked during the day.

But how many actually do what they’re meant to?

Buttons & Pleats is here to change the way you think about shirt stays forever with our design that eliminates all of the hassles that come with those other poorly made stays. Our design features a strong, yet very soft elastic that feels great against the skin and heavy-duty metal clips that won’t break after a single wear like some others. The clips are lined with nylon, so they hold on without slipping and won’t put a hole in your shirts. The advanced clip design makes the shirt stays simple to use; you can get them on or take them off in under 30 seconds!

Buttons & Pleats Standard Type Shirt Stays are available in two different designs. Options include:

Straight Style – Soft, comfortable elastic with slip-resistant nylon lined clips attach to your shirttails and to the tops of your socks.

Footstrap style – Prefer your shirt stays to be tucked into your shoes? This design is for you! It features two nylon lined shirt clips on one end and a comfortable elastic stirrup on the other!

Both styles will last through many wears and are easy to care for. Just wash them by hand in warm soapy water and let them air dry!

Need a heavy-duty solution for active wear? Button and Pleats has you covered. Our Advanced Type Shirt Stays give you all of the benefits of the Standard Type with thicker elastic for more demanding situations. Please search Buttons & Pleats Advanced Type Shirt Stays for more information.

Free yourself of the hassles of having to take a break and tuck in your shirttails over and over again. Choose the shirt stays that grip tightly, fit comfortably and go on and off in a hurry!

Order the Buttons & Pleats Standard Type Shirt Stays today.NO SHIRT TAILS SHOWING, NO HASSLES – Slip-resistant clips keep your shirt smoothly tucked in all day long.
A SIMPLE SOLUTION – So easy to use! You can have them on and off in 30 seconds or less.
IDEAL FIT FOR EVERYONE – Stretchable elastic can reach to your feet without snapping or breaking.
THE COMFORTABLE SOLUTION – Softer than the competition, our shirt stays won’t irritate your skin.
2 STYLES AVAILABLE – Choose from Straight or Footloop style (Also known as Stirrup style shirt stays). Please check 2nd picture for instructions.

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